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Drs. Ken Lowey, Lauren Yeager, and Drew Lowey
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Patient Stories

  • "I wanted to thank Dr Ken for restoring my daughter's wellness in only a half hour after having suffered with terrible dizziness for 4 weeks when no other physician could diagnose her problem. I have now sent him 5 different people over 15 years all
    suffering to various degrees and Dr. Ken is batting 1,000% on curing them! For those who don't know him I am writing this because he is humble and never would write or say something like this himself but the truth is he worked miracles on 5 people I know very well who felt their situations were hopeless prior to seeing him. I am truly fortunate to know a medical professional like Dr. Ken! Thanks you again Dr. Ken my daughter is so grateful!"
  • "Low Back, Hip, Neck Pain
    I came to see Dr. Lowey for low back pain that spread into my hip and leg. I had been suffering with this for about six months. Dr. Ken has given me outstanding treatment; I'm pain free! So if you ask me how I feel about Chiropractic - this is what I would say "Won't leave home without it""
  • "Leg Pain, Sciatica

    I came to see Dr. Karen for pain in my right calf and pain shooting down my entire right leg. I had been suffering like this for the past three weeks. The medical doctors checked out my leg, sent me for x-rays and sonograms, but found nothing. I took Naproxin for the pain, but that didn't work either.

    My daughter, Amy, suggested I come to see Dr. Karen. The treatment was excellent. It took a few days for the pain to subside. Dr. Karen is very understanding, a good listener and is confident that she can help. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic… it works!"
  • "Whiplash (Auto Accident)

    Since a car accident, I had been suffering with a whiplash injury to my neck. I went to see my internist, who ordered and x-ray and told me I was fine expect for some arthritis in the cervical spine area.

    The treatment I received with Dr. Lowey has been great. The examination and explanation of the diagnosis was very thorough and understandable. The Doctors here are very compassionate and concerned about making sure treatment is effective.

    I would recommend others to chiropractic. My Mom and Dad have also received chiropractic care in the past. I appreciate Chiropractic, and I know I would continue to have problems with neck pain without it. Chiropractic also encourages a patient to take responsibility for your health as well, i.e., exercise regularly to help maintain my health.

    Thank you Dr. Ken for all your caring."
  • "Low Back, Neck Pain

    I came to see Dr. Ken for pain in my neck and lower back. I had been suffering like this for the past two years. Before coming here, I tried physical therapy, steroid injections and aqua therapy, but they didn't work.

    Since coming to Dr. Ken the treatment I have received has been the only type that has brought relief and enables me to do common daily things such as sit or stand for more than 30 minutes at a time!

    In the past I was afraid of chiropractic. (That's why it took two years to come.) Now I feel it's not only beneficial, it is necessary along with physical therapy and exercise."
  • "Back Pain

    I never realized that I had a problem with my low back until it got to the point where I totally threw my back out in a normal activity (running). In the past I'd feel pinching in my back when I bent down, or my back muscles felt tight. I tried using a heating pad and aspirin, and figured my back would take care of itself, but it didn't. So through a recommendation I came to see Dr. Karen.

    My treatment here has been excellent, I never thought that having your back aligned made such a difference in the way your whole body functions! I feel much more confident now that I know what the problem is and how to deal with it! I believe Dr. Karen has the miraculous gift of healing. She's a lifesaver! Now I don't have to worry about shooting my jump shot!

    I would recommend Chiropractic to others. My wife Kim also comes, she also gets treated for back pain."
  • "Scoliosis

    I developed a severe curvature to my back in my early teen-age years. My scoliosis has not hampered me in pursuing a career as a flutist. I have learned quite a bit over the years about caring for my back. Regular chiropractic care, exercise and sound daily decisions allow me to pursue my life as a wife, mother and musician."
  • "Headaches, Neck Pain

    I have suffered with severe sinus headaches and neck pain. After years of trying various treatments, I decided to try Chiropractic care. My response was excellent, as my headaches and neck symptoms were alleviated. I now receives supportive care to keep my neck area from becoming re-aggravated. Periodic chiropractic treatments have kept me not only symptom-free but in much better health."
  • "Low Back Pain

    I suffered with severe low back and leg pain. I had difficulty performing any normal daily activity. Upon undergoing Chiropractic care, the root cause of my problem was discovered (a compressed sciatic nerve caused by a loss of normal spinal motion). I received treatment for this injury and responded excellently. My pain was handled and I was able to return to normal life and work activities. I have maintained my health through regular Chiropractic care."
  • "Mid Back, Chest Pain

    I had a sudden onset of chest and arm pain. My mid back had been painful but the chest pains scared me. I spent three days in a hospital checking my heart and lungs. All tests were negative, yet my pain persisted. Upon Chiropractic evaluation, a subluxation in my lower neck and upper back was discovered. The nerves in these areas had become irritated through a loss of vertebral motion. Within days my pain decreased and over the next two months my problem was eliminated."
  • "Low Back Pain

    I had been suffering with pain for two months due to a fall that hurt my back and left side, before coming to see Dr. Karen. My treatment with Dr. Karen has been excellent.

    I would absolutely recommend others for chiropractic care. I feel I have enjoyed the benefits of chiropractic treatment. I received wonderful care and the staff is great."
  • "Knee Injury, Chronic Low Back Pain

    Upon dislocating my patella, Dr. Ken worked in tandem with my other physical therapy to reach full range of activity and encourage better knee health.Dr. Ken continues to give my knee “tune ups”

    to keep them in good shape. Dr. Ken makes it possible for me to live an active life.

    I would encourage anyone to see Dr. Ken-his holistic approach to chiropractic is an integral part of my life and is an essential element in maintaining both back and overall health."
  • "Separated Shoulder

    My separated shoulder caused pain on my right side for about two months and pain medication didn’t seem to help much.I began seeing Dr. Karen for chiropractic care and it’s been excellent, offering immediate results. I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to others. I have had success with chiropractic care for over 20 years and feel that it is very beneficial."
  • "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and experienced a lot of pain in my hands and fingers. I also suffered from constant headaches, neck and shoulder pain for over a year.

    Coming to the clinic has been very helpful. I didn’t realize how much pain I was experiencing or how beneficial chiropractic care could be. I would definitely recommend chiropractic treatment to others who could benefit from it.

    Thank you Dr. Karen!"
  • "Osteoarthritis, Neck, Scapular Problems

    I came to see Dr. Ken with osteoarthritis and cervical disc problems. Before coming here, I tried massage, medicine, physical therapy, and just plain ignoring it, but nothing seemed to help.

    I have been extremely satisfied with the care I have received with Dr. Ken. I am relieved to be pain free, to get a decent night sleep, and be able to concentrate at work.

    I would absolutely recommend chiropractic to others.

    All I can say about chiropractic is, “I WISH I DID IT SOONER!”"
  • "Low Back Pain, Balance Problems

    I have been coming to see Dr. Ken for low back pain and a problem with my balance. I have been like this for a year. Before coming to see Dr. Ken I tried walking, stretching and exercise. This helped somewhat, but Dr. Ken has been VERY helpful. I would definitely recommend others. Chiropractic has been very beneficial to me."
  • "Sciatic Pain

    I came to see Dr. Ken for sciatic pain that I had been suffering with on and off since college.Before coming to see Dr. Ken I tried bed rest, disc surgery, another chiropractor and an osteopath. Dr. Lowey has been very effective at providing relief through adjustments. The environment is very caring, soothing and positive. I would recommend Chiropractic care to others and have already referred many people to this office.

    “Chiropractic care is a cornerstone of my lifestyle”"
  • "Headaches, Jaw Disorder

    I have been coming to see Dr. Karen because I have had chronic hip and leg pain, headaches and a jaw disorder. My treatment here with Dr. Karen has been very successful so far. I am pleased at how much progress I’ve made with techniques that are not painful and time consuming. I feel the ART (active release technique) is particularly helpful.I would definitely recommend others to see Dr. Karen."
  • "Hip, Low Back Pain

    I have been suffering off and on for several months with pain in my low back and hip. My daughter, who suffered with similar symptoms, recommended that I come see Dr. Karen. My treatment here has been excellent, very knowledgeable and effective. I would definitely recommend others here for treatment. I think that chiropractic works very well for me."
  • "Bone Spurs

    I came to see Dr. Karen for neck and arm pain related to bone spurs in my neck. I had radiating pain down my right arm and into my right shoulder. My treatment here has been very skillful and comprehensive. I would definitely recommend others here for chiropractic treatment.

    I feel I have been a longtime beneficiary of chiropractic."
  • "Pelvic Scoliosis, Knee Pain

    I came to see Dr. Karen because I had been suffering from pelvic scoliosis and recently had a knee replacement. I was experiencing difficulty in walking any distance. I also had low back pain on and off for the last past 3 ½ years. Prior to coming in and seeing Dr. Karen I was very dedicated to my post-op knee rehab, but nothing specifically helped with my back tightening. My impression of treatment here at Newton Center Chiropractic has been very favorable and I would recommend it to others!

    Thank you Dr. Karen"
  • "Low Back Pain, Stomach Aches

    I came to see Dr. Lowey for misaligned vertebrae and symptoms of stomach aches and painful lower back pain for years. I couldn’t do any sport activities without pain and I was afraid it would get progressively worse.

    I had never been to a Chiropractor and had my doubts that it could help. But on seeing the doctor and his office I was favorably impressed. He recommended an exercise program in addition to adjusting the vertebrae in my spine. Within three months after the start of my program I have no lower back pains or stomach problems.

    I’ve told everyone I can about chiropractic and would recommend it….I really think its great!"
  • "Arm, Wrist Pain

    I had been suffering with wrist and forearm pain for five months prior to seeing Dr. Ken. I thought I had tendonitis and saw a hand surgeon, used pain medication, a wrist brace and worst of all I had to stop playing guitar.

    I feel my treatment here has been excellent, comfortable and friendly, I would definitely recommend others here. I feel chiropractic can be very helpful."
  • "Ear Infections

    I’ve been suffering with ear infections and fluid in both ears since I was a toddler. This problem has been chronic and the medical doctors prescribed antibiotics.

    The office has been friendly, thoughtful and respectful of my concerns and needs.

    I feel Chiropractic is a helpful solution and a positive one. It’s nice to be medication free!"
  • "Sacroiliac Pain

    I came to see Dr. Karen because I was suffering with sacroiliac pain for seven weeks. I went to a pain clinic for a steroid shot but it didn’t help. Dr. Karen has been very helpful; I have had a great improvement since coming. I would absolutely recommend others to come here. My wife was also treated here for back spasms.

    I found chiropractic care to be very helpful."
  • "Achilles Tendon Injury

    I came to see Dr. Ken as a result of a strained Achilles tendon which occurred after the completion of a marathon. I was recommended highly by an acquaintance to try Chiropractic and although I had many doubts I decided to give it a try. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the initial exam and the accuracy of the diagnosis. Dr. Ken recommended treatment over a period of two months.

    I have shared with family and friends my amazement at what Dr. Ken has been able to do for me. The remarkable thing about chiropractic care has been that it brings about changes in structural situation that I previously considered “givens”."
  • "I was getting migraines, neck and upper back pain. I tried stretching in every position trying to find relief but nothing helped until I met Dr. Karen. Dr. Karen had been wonderful she helped me with everything from my jaw, to my hips. She is a miracle worker!!!

    I would recommend others for treatment. Chiropractic has been a blessing, I will continue with it for my whole life."
  • "Sports Injuries

    I came to see Dr. Karen with sports injuries, lots of sport injuries. My pain was in my lower back, shoulders, neck, collar bone and I had jumper’s knees all for about 4 years.

    Since seeing Dr. Karen it’s been great. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and Dr. Karen cares about each and every one of her patients.

    I would definitely recommend others for chiropractic treatment. In fact my mother and two brothers also see Dr. Karen for general care.

    Chiropractic is an easy, non-invasive treatment that really works. It has enabled me to continue playing sports at a high level."
  • "Sciatica

    I suffered from back pain and sciatica on and off for many years. Coming in for Chiropractic care here has been an excellent solution and I recommend it to others.

    I know that it is something that I can always depend on to help me!"
  • "Neck, Low Back Pain

    I came to see Dr. Ken for back pain, headaches and a lack of flexibility and motion in my neck. I had been suffering with this for the past four years. I tried massage and reiki before coming to seeDr. Ken. My treatment here has been outstanding. I have already recommended others here. I am very impressed with Chiropractic and feel it’s a better alternative to taking pills for pain."

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